Watermelon cocktail-Mixed directly from watermelon

Watermelon cocktail Mixed with mixer directly from watermelon

Check out cool watermelon hack. Mix the watermelon cocktail directly from watermelon fruit and mixer. It is a great way to impress your friends on a party. Freshest watermelon cocktail you have ever tasted!

How to make the watermelon cocktail served with a unique way

Here is how to do it; Simply cut the hole of a size mixer forks and mix it inside. Make sure that the watermelon is fresh and cold. Put some decoration on the glass, add a straw and the watermelon cocktail will look even fresher.

So quick and simple! Enjoy your fresh and unique cocktail. If you have any other suggestions write it in the comment section! Enjoy our website, Support us, Like, Share, Tweet and Comment!

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