Water in Space Experiments

Experimenting with water in Space

Water in space can be a great fun for astronauts in no gravity environment. If we are more exact in microgravity environment. You can be witness of basic physics laws and formulas that are connected with water and gravity. Big thanks for great effects goes to surface tension that is created on the surfaces of the water. In the video you can see just water and air which is usually inside the injection. Water in space is definitely something you can watch a long time, just like fire that is burning or human that is working.

Gopro and water in space

Another example of water in space is the second video. It shows what do you get when astronauts gets GoPro camera and water in space station. They make a big water balloon and put water resistant GoPro camera inside. They record it all out of different perspectives, also from GoPro. It looks they are having fun, which makes me think again why I didn’t become an astronaut.

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