Make sugar rockets engines at home!

Learn how to make sugar rockets engine at home! Sugar can be great fuel for rockets.

Sugar rockets are probably one of the best rockets you can build at home. Sugar engines can produce powerful thrust, that can lift them hundreds of meters in the air. With other words, sugar can be a great rocket fuel. Of course you will need other important ingredients.

If you decide that you will make the experiment, before you begin, make sure you have an open, uninhabited area where you can make or launch them and read through the whole process before you get started that is attached in the pdf plan, so you are prepared to follow all safety precautions.

How to Make Sugar Rockets PDF Plan

The process is consists of three parts:

  1. Making the Rocket Body
  2. Making the Propellant
  3. Finishing the Rocket

Things You’ll Need

  • PVC pipe, about 13 mm (inch) diameter
  • PVC pipe, about 6 mm (inch) diameter (tight fit in the larger pipe)
  • PVC cement
  • Clay cat litter or quick-set cement
  • Wooden dowel or spool (tight fit in the larger pipe)
  • Potassium nitrate (KNO3)
  • Powdered sugar
  • Electric deep fryer or hot plate with thermostat control
  • Face shield
  • Gloves and thick clothing, non-synthetic (preferably flame-resistant)
  • Drill
  • Vice or clamp
  • Kebab stick.


Store all ingredients and propellant in an airtight container to minimize the amount of moisture they absorb from the air. (To reduce fire risk, only store propellant for a day or two, while completing the project.)

If your stump remover is not 100% KNO3, dissolve it in boiling water and strain it through a paper filter. Discard the filter and solids, then boil off remaining water to get mostly pure KNO3. Leave in a hot area or minimum-temperature oven until completely dry.

For an extremely fine powder with excellent combustive qualities, put the sugar and the nitrate (always separated) into individual rock tumblers. Tumble for up to 10 hours.


If anyone else has access to your workspace, post visible warning signs at all entrances.

This is a highly dangerous process that should be treated with caution. Older children should not try this without constant, close supervision. Younger children should not be kept near the area.

Check local laws before making or firing rockets. They may be considered fireworks or weapons in some areas.


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