Smartphone Hologram

Here is How you make Smartphone Hologram at Home

Smartphone hologram is easy to make, all you really need is smartphone and some transparent plastic. You can take it from an old CD housing. It is nothing wrong if it is old and dusty, just make it sure that is not scratched. Clearer the plastic is clearer the smarphone hologram will be. Cut 4 “triangles” from plastic CD 1cm on top, 3.5 height and 6cm at bottom side. You can make a paper template for the first piece. After you cut the first piece, you can use it as a model for the rest of hologram triangles. Tape it together or better glue it with superglue together to get nicer model.

Videos to play on Smartphone Hologram

After you complete the hologram pyramid all you have to do is to play hologram videos on smartphone.

You can check it here:

Hologram Videos1

Hologram Videos2

Place the pyramid to the center of the screen and enjoy the effects!

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