water Experiments

water experiments

Water Experiments archive is ordered in this category. In ancient Greece, seers used to say that only from water is life born, that water is life. Ancient Indian, Chinese and other mythologies would also agree with this statement. Today scientists who believe in evolution also say that life was born in water, that perhaps the first life on the planet lived in the water. And then out of this first form of life, man eventually evolved.

With some water experiments you can see that water is the most mysterious element of all. The biggest mystery about water has come to the attention in the last ten years. With water experiments, scientists discovered that water possesses a lot of sensitivity. Whatever influences are active from any direction in life are first felt by water. The water in us is the first thing to be affected. Once the water in us is influenced, then it will be very difficult for us to avoid being influenced.

Water is also a rare substance that when it is in its solid form (ice) it floats on top of its liquid form. Also if you do some water experiments and pour a handful of salt in to a glass of water, the water level will go down. Water has the highest surface tension of any liquid with the exception of Mercury. Water has the highest specific heat capacity of all liquids. With a process called capillary action, water can move up trough narrow tubes and work its way against gravity.