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Physics experiments

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For some of us, physics was something we terrifying at school, and was the reason abandoning our studies in it at the earliest opportunity. But when we reach adulthood, we realise that this particular branch of science is definitely the coolest. Fortunately, there are graduates, postgrads and doctors who had more foresight than people like this. Here are some of the unbelievably cool things about physics and physics experiments that we have learned because of people like them.

One of them was definitely Sir Isaac Newton. Here is a good one him: The moon is not mysteriously flying around the earth; it's actually constantly falling and missing the ground.  Look at Newton's cannonball thought experiment from his centuries-old book where he theoretically launches a cannonball from a tall mountain. If you would get enough powerful cannon and you ignore air friction, you could make the cannon ball circulating earth or make it around it.

Did you know you can slow down the speed of light? The speed of light is a constant 300,000km a second. However this is true only in a vacuum. Of course light does not always travel through a vacuum. In water, for example, photons travel more slowly at around three-quarters that speed.