Paper Cannon-How To Make Cannon Out Of Paper

How to make cannon out of paper

You can make real working cannon out of paper at home. But this experiment is dangerous; any misuse may cause serious injury. Project time is 3-4 days. First take the 5 papers and cut it in to three equal pieces. (Measure 9.9 cm along the longest side). You will get 15 stripes. Next to make paper cannon is to protect a working surface. You can protect it with plastic bag as shown in the video. Do not use paper because it will stick to working pieces. Pure the glue in to the glue container. Add a little water. Try to get buttermilk consistency. Next step is to wrap the pencil in to two stripes of plastic tape. Remove all air bubbles. You can begin folding the pencil in to the glued papers. Protect it with some masking tape to prevent to fold it out and let it dry for 6 hours. After 6 hours keep adding stripes to paper cannon until the thickness is 2,5-3cm. Let the barrel to dry for two days. Then take pliers and remove the pencil. Saw the end parts off. Take the wooden dowel, sand it and glue it to one side of barrel. Try not to use the hammer as in the video because you can damage the cannon barrel. Cut the rest of wooden dowel and Drill the hole through wood and whole barrel. Take the nail and cut it to the diameter size of your barrel. Insert the nail in the paper cannon. Take a drill the same diameter as the fuse you intend to use (2,5mm) and drill the hole for the fuse. You can support the hole with the pencil to prevent deformation. Make another finishing layer of glued paper and some beauty steps. You can create some wooden holder for the barrel. Otherwise it is already possible to shoot.

Things you will need to make paper cannon:

  • Round pencil
  • Ruler
  • Plastic tape
  • 6-8 A4 printing papers
  • Scissors and paper cutter (you can use olfa knife)
  • Container
  • Brush
  • Water soluble glue
  • Pliers
  • Saw
  • Nail and matching drill diameter 2mm
  • Wooden dowel (match pencil size)

How to make gunpowder for paper cannon

Her you can check it out how to make gunpowder ammunition for paper cannon. You can simply make it out of matches.

First, sand the phosphorus of the match boxes. Try to get off as little cardboard as you can. Ehen you are done, pour the dust in the container. Then take the matches and pliers and squeeze of the heads. Try to get as little wood as you can. When you are done you can try to get some extra fine dust from matches sticks by rolling them through hands. Then take the pipe or battery and squeeze the head powder. Filter the dust through filter and try to get it as fine as possible. Smaller the gunpowder dust will be, faster it will burn. Put the fine dust in container and mix it. In the video is used motorised blender made from LEGO bricks.

To make gunpowder for paper cannon you will need:

  • Matches
  • Match boxes
  • Pliers (smaller is the best)
  • Sanding paper P120
  • Pipe or a D-cell battery
  • 3X A4 printing papers
  • Filter or sieve
  • Container
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