Lighter Hacks-Three simple lighter hacks

Lighter hacks that you must know!

Check out cool lighter hacks that you can use to impress your friends and family. Here you can find three simple and most popular lighter hacks you must know.

  1. Increase the fire flame
  2. Fire ball in hand
  3. Flint Fireworks

Lighter Hacks Increase The Flame

First of three lighter hacks is increasing the flame. The first step is to remove the metal housing on the top of the lighter. Under the plastic scrolling switch you can another plastic wheel. You must to turn the wheel to the direction that increases flame. With this you will increase the flow of gas to the fire. The fire is bigger- Lighter hacks are awesome! Only thing to remind is that you are playing with fire and it is dangerous experiment. Bigger the fire you will get faster you will empty the lighter.

Lighter Hacks Fire Ball In Hand

Make fire ball in hand is very popular trick to do when you are bored and you have a lighter. It is very simple. All you need to do is to do a fist with your hand and fill it with gas from lighter. Spark the lighter and expand your hand. With a little practice you will know the timing and fist position to do it perfectly.

Lighter Hack Flint Fireworks

The last of three lighter hacks is probably the most exciting. Unfortunately you need to destroy your lighter to do it. To hack it you need to take of the metal cap again and take of the sparkling wheel to. Take off the wheel carefully and underneath you will find a Spring and Flint. Take the spring and extend it. Put the flint in the spring and heat it with other lighter. You must do this In open area. Probably you want to go outside because you don’t want to damage your floor. When the flint becomes hot and red (after 10-15seckonds) throw it on the ground. You can kick it and play with it. You will see the sparks are flying everywhere.

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